How to solve Xbox360 losing network connection

If your Xbox 360 loses network/Xbox Live connection after about 30 – 40 minutes of playing, change its network settings to use a static IP address.

I noticed that my Xbox would sign me off XBox Live after about 30-40 minutes of me playing a game.  This wasn’t a problem while I was just playing games off my console.  But when I started playing against other Xbox Live members or streaming Netflix movie or streaming movies off my PC downstairs, losing the network connection after about 40 minutes started becoming a pain.

I searched around the web and found some people reporting the very same issue but no solution.

After spending some time trying different things, I suddenly realized that when the problem occurs, the IP address of my console gets reset from the dynamically assigned DHCP address of 192.168.0.x to some 169.x.x.x address.  I decided to give my console a static IP address and — magic!  The problem went away.  I can stay connected for hours.

I don’t know if there’s a firmware fix or something to make it work with a dynamic address.  At this point, it works and trying to make it work with a DHCP assigned address is just not worth the effort.

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  1. how do we set a static ip address, my sons drops the connection then connects then drops etc,not after any set amount, just random?
    kind regards

  2. It’s in Console or System Settings – Network settings. The exact menu options will depend on the version of your Xbox.
    You can change Dynamic setting to static. Just need to know IP settings of your network.
    If your Xbox lets you see its current settings, just write them down and duplicate.
    Hope it helps.

  3. Hey did anyone try this? do you need to do something to the router also to make this work?

  4. My 360 already uses a static IP and there are no other devices interfering. Yet it still loses connection to Live and even my PC, so I can’t evern stream video from the PC, without it disconnection. I’ve tried both wired and wireless connection.

  5. jim – did you ever find a solution. minee has similiar issue. .dynamic or static the connection will corrupt … i’ve even seen it where the PING command from the wireless router will show good pings and then show bad pings for the address.
    continuing to look for solution….

  6. mine doesent even state or give me a statistic option so i gave up on trying to call microsoft they dont answer! i am really ticked off with my xbox. does anyone have suggestions p;ease email me the idea please and thank you? also u can try adding me and telling me that way my gamertag is OG Its toxiic once again id appreciate the help.

  7. Al, I’ve seen a few people say their cable was the problem, with the exact issue as you. Unless your wireless of course. When it disconnects,run the connection wizard, and see what error it gives you. Mines works then doesn’t. Sometimes it will work for hours. Sometimes it kicks me out every 5 minutes. Others I cant get on after hours of trying. I’m having the IP error myself. Also, depending on what game your playing. On Black Ops 2. I get kicked out of games because their server is too busy. I get the “Server is full” error. Which blinks up extremely quick, and is very easy to miss. Really sucks on that game because you get probabtion. Where they wont even let you back on for a while.

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